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    Myths About Pregnancy & Babies

    …You Heard What About Pregnancy?

    There are many myths about pregnancy that are heard by those planning a pregnancy, or are already pregnant. There may be a very slight truth to some of these myths, but for the majority of them, there is no truth to what is heard.

    Some of the more common pregnancy myths are:

    The baby’s sex can be determined by the position used for sexual intercourse

    There is no truth that a certain position will result in a specific sex – boy or girl. It is the father’s sperm carrying the X chromosome that fertilizes the egg that causes a daughter, or the Y chromosome that causes a son.

    You can’t get pregnant the first time you have intercourse

    Pregnancy can occur anytime that vaginal intercourse occurs without using a birth control method. The sperm and egg don’t know whether it’s the first time for intercourse or not.

    I can’t get pregnant

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  • Labor & Delivery

    Your Newborn’s Umbilical Cord Blood

    Your Newborn’s Umbilical Cord Blood: Preserving Stem Cells Provide a Life-long Medical Benefit

    What makes your baby’s umbilical cord blood so special?

    Your baby’s umbilical cord blood is so special due to a component of the cord blood known as stem cells. The stem cells serve as a “blood factory” and have the capacity to reproduce and to repopulate all types of blood cells, such as red blood cells which carry oxygen through the body, or white blood cells which protect from infections and help to fight diseases. Stem cells are extremely potent cell having the ability to permanently reconstitute the entire blood production system as well the entire immune system.

    Why should the decision about cord blood storage be made?

    Preserved cord blood stem cells may be considered a form of life insurance for your child. This may be especially true if past or present family members have a history of Read more

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  • Postpartum

    Feeling Sexy After Pregnancy

    You’re exhausted. Your favorite things to wear are sweats and fuzzy socks. Your hair is held back in a ponytail and you can’t remember if you brushed your teeth this morning. To top it off, you are covered in dried baby food and there is a yet to be identified substance caked under your fingernails. “Sexy” is not the first word that would come to mind if asked to describe yourself.

    As a new mother you may want to feel sexy again and regain the desire you once had, but the stress of sleepless nights, a fussy baby, and the challenges of motherhood take center-stage. You may feel doomed to walk the rest of your days in faded sweats and unplucked eyebrows. There are ways, however, to feeling sexy after pregnancy and bring back that sexy gal you once were and find the desire you long for. The following is a list Read more

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  • Feeding

    Should I Breastfeed?

    Congratulations on the upcoming birth and arrival of your new baby! This is such an exciting time in your life. It’s also a time filled with decisions concerning the health and well being of your growing family.

    Should I Breastfeed?

    One of the decisions you are probably considering is whether to breast or bottle-feed your baby. Are you asking yourself “Is it really all that important to breastfeed?” and “Will I be able to do it?” The answer to both of these questions is YES! Making the decision to breastfeed your baby is the first step to starting your family off to “a life well lived.”

    The benefits of breastfeeding your baby are numerous and have been well researched and documented. Studies show that breastfeeding can decrease the risk of ear and respiratory infections, stomach and intestinal infections, type 2 diabetes and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Breastfeeding also promotes better oral

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  • Shopping

    The Benefits of Organic Baby Clothing

    The What and Why of Organic

    Unless you have been in hiding for the past decade you know that the term “organic” has gained incredible status. What does organic mean? According to the National Organic Standards board, “Organic agriculture is an ecological production management system that promotes and enhances biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity. It is based on the minimal use of off farm inputs and on management practices that restore maintain and enhance ecological harmony.” Certified Organic is a title that is given to an item only when strict guidelines, made by The National Organic Standards Board, are met. Every step in the production of the item must meet the guidelines, from the soil where the item is grown to the processing facilities in which it is created.

    Even in local grocery stores there are often sections specifically created for organic products and foods. There is one sign Read more

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  • Baby & Family

    Digital Cameras Tips to Help Preserve the Memories

    Digital Camera Tips

    Being pregnant and having a baby are life-changing events. Taking photographs will capture moments that you want to remember forever. These moments cannot be re-captured: they live only in images and in your mind. Whether you are photographing your baby’s first day on earth or his/her first steps, you are celebrating something that is beautiful; a child that brings you much love and happiness (and sleep deprivation, too—I am a mom, I know!). In all seriousness, there are so many wonderful scenes to photograph and celebrate! You are creating history: history that can be shared with your grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so forth. But what happens to those images after you take them? Back when people were photographing with 35mm film, everything was printed, but that is no longer the case.

    Digital has many advantages and many drawbacks. The biggest drawback I see is people failing to follow through Read more

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