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Why ERGObaby?

With the continued growth of the Attachment Parenting and babywearing movements, increasing choices of baby carriers are available. In this rapidly expanding market, how do consumers choose between carrier types? Simply put, why choose ERGObaby?

Here are some of the best reasons:


ERGObaby's design supports a natural sitting position for babies, eliminating compression of the spine and hips that can be caused by unsupported suspension. ERGObaby also offers maximum comfort for the parent, with the bulk of the baby's weight resting on the parent's hips rather than straining the shoulders and back.

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL: "The best (feature of the ERGObaby carrier) is that you don't get back pain like the other carriers, so you can wear it for hours!"


With the Infant Insert, parents can carry their baby in the ERGObaby carrier as early as needed. Since the carrier supports up to 40 pounds, they are able to carry their growing toddler – or even preschooler – comfortably.

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL: "My daughter loves being carried so much that at 4 years old, she still requests the ERGObaby carrier for transportation. Because it's so comfortable I have no problem carrying her in it."


Environmental awareness is important to many families. As mainstream culture leans towards "going green", parents seek products to support their efforts towards eco-conscious, healthy living. ERGObaby offers a range of 100% Organic products, including Baby Carriers, Backpacks, Front Pouches, Infant Inserts, and Sucking Pads.

Organic CottonFROM ERGOBABY'S WEBISTE: "Our Certified 100% Organic Cotton is grown, processed and manufactured in compliance with Organic Fiber Processing Standards utilizing natural agricultural methodology without the application of toxic chemicals. The emphasis is to avoid negative impact on surrounding eco-systems. Many minds and hands around the world contributed to the manufacture of the ERGObaby Organic products…all in the spirit of preserving our planet and advancing fair labor practices."

ERGObaby Meets or Exceeds all CPSIA Guidelines and Standards
ERGObaby continues to follow the changing guidelines of the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) in testing and certification requirements. ERGObaby products fully comply with all of the requirements and limitations of the CPSIA, and undergo regular testing to insure that our products meet or exceed all applicable government regulations and industry standards to insure the safety of our customers and the children entrusted to us.

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