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So you think cloth diapers are messy and inconvenient? Not true! They are actually super easy to use and easy to wash too. You will save a fortune (really!) and avoid sending at least one ton of garbage to the landfill per baby!

Here at Bummis our mission is to make it easy for you to use cloth diapers simply because we think all babies would love to be wearing them. Cloth diapers are soft and comfortable and super absorbent. And in cloth diapers you know when your baby is wet – so you change them more often which is really, really good for their soft baby skin ….

Use flushable liners to maximize ‘easy’ – simply flush away the mess! No rinsing (really!).

Below are the contents of our NEWBORN PACK, featuring a dozen newborn organic cotton inserts and 2 cute-as-a-button wraps. This pack fits a 5-9 lb. baby beautifully – great for preemies too. All you do is a simple fold, lay the insert inside the wrap, and do up the velcro type closures snugly – it’s that simple!

organic cotton diapersorganic cotton diaper kits

Or our brand new BeautifulBASIC pack is a very easy way to get your feet wet with cloth diapers! A sampler pack featuring our luxuriant, soft organic cotton inserts and a wrap – 3 changes in one very affordable package along with our very simple using and washing instructions. Choose from boy, girl or unisex. 2 sizes; 8-15 lbs. and 15-30 lbs.

cloth diapersReady to dive in all the way? Then the Organic Cotton Diaper Kit is for you. It has everything you need to start cloth diapering - in a box! Our signature organic cotton diapers, fabulously cute waterproof wraps, reusable liners and flushable liners - plus a hanging diaper pail. The enclosed User Guide will take you step by step through using and washing your diapers, and ensure your success! Great value – this box offers a lovely and durable set of cloth diapers. It also makes an amazing gift – so you should ask for it! Easy to buy, easy to use and easy to wash.

swimmiAnd then there’s the Swimmi – the grooviest swimsuit in the universe! Functional fashion - nobody will ever have to empty the pool because of your little darling! Trim, really cute and easy to clean. Choose from 5 amazing prints. Baby fashion will never be the same…..

diaper solutionThe one-piece diaper solution everyone is talking about – the EASY FIT! This diaper features a super waterproof exterior and the softest, coziest interior of rayon from bamboo. Great fit AND amazing convenience. One size only too – the Easy Fit adjusts to fit babies from 8-35 lbs. Wow!! 6 colors and 6 scrumptious prints.

Please check out our website for more information and to see our other beautiful and functional diapering products!

We focus on making quality cloth diapering products in a sustainable and responsible fashion. Customer service is our passion, and we love helping parents be successful at cloth diapering!