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Childbirth Education & Doula in Jacksonville, FL

Barbara A. Ienuso is dedicated to empowering parents-to-be in the Jacksonville, Florida area to fully participate in the births of their children and prepare them for parenthood. She provides daddies and mommies-to-be with the necessary tools for a healthy pregnancy, well-informed and prepared childbirth, and a healthy baby.

Early Pregnancy Classes

Early prenatal education is key to a healthy, happy pregnancy. Newly pregnant couples as well as those preparing for pregnancy will benefit greatly from this class. Learn nutrition and prenatal exercises for a safe and healthy pregnancy. Consists of two classes designed to be taken early in pregnancy.

8 week Childbirth Class

This class is designed for expectant mother and her coach to learn about the mechanics of labor, techniques for comfort in labor and birthing options. Relaxation techniques will be practiced during class as well.

Breastfeeding Classes

As a La Leche League leader, Barbara has educated hundreds of women in successful nursing techniques. Classes help a woman prepare for her breastfeeding experience.

Mothers will learn…

  • Basic’s on how to breastfeeding
  • Positioning and latch
  • Frequency and duration
  • Signs that baby is getting enough
  • How to overcome common challenges
  • One-on-one support is available to students

Birth Doula

The medical community recognizes the doula as someone who comes alongside a family during the transition to parenthood and helps them before, during and after pregnancy.

Barbara offers…

  • Maternity care and planning
  • Labor, deliver and after birth assistance
  • Effective techniques to facilitate a more normal and faster birth
  • Emotional support during and after birth

Happiest Baby on the Block Instruction

Learn Dr. Harvey Karp’s extraordinary way to soothe fussy babies fast and help them sleep longer. A must for every first-time parent!

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