Postpartum Resources in Boston

Transitioning into new motherhood doesn’t have to be a struggle. Expectant Mother’s Guide can help you find postpartum support services to line up prior to the birth of your new baby. Explore postpartum fitness and yoga classes, new mom support groups, and other resources that can help moms bringing home baby.

Boston Postpartum Therapy - Marathon Physical Therapy
Locations in Norton, Newton,

Norton: 508-285-5533
Newton: 617-244-1990
Norwood: 781-352-5400

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Marathon Physical Therapy

Marathon Physical Therapy has a staff of experienced and innovative physical therapists knowledgeable about the changes associated with the management of musculoskeletal issues associated with pregnancy. Postpartum services include physical therapy for cesarean section recovery, fitness training to return your body to pre-pregnancy functionality, and postpartum recovery educational seminars.

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