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What goes into making a good … Stroller … Crib … Bassinet … Bottle … Changing Table … Crib Mattress … Glider Rocker … Maternity Support Garment … Mobile … Highchair … Pacifier … and more!

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Here you can review the various features of various baby & juvenile products. Information in this section has been compiled from individuals in the industry. Although many pieces have been reviewed by other manufacturers or their representatives, the information included may not cover all aspects or some of the latest improvements in the features. This section is included only to provide a basic guideline to the different aspects of a particular product. Please review each product and study their features to suit your particular needs and requirements. For product recall information, please visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Product Reviews

Baby Gear

Baby Toys

  • Mobile by Matthew Bottkol, Marketing & Promotions Coordinator at Manhattan Toy.
  • Play Yard by Bill Hasse, Product Manager at Graco Children’s Products Inc. in Elverson, Pennsylvania.
  • Portable Play Yard by Adam Biehl, Product Manager of Century Products Division, Graco.


  • Changing Table by Claudia Coffey, Media Coordinator at Child Craft Industries, Inc.
  • Cloth Diaper by Erika Froese, co-owner of Mother-ease Cotton Diapers, and the designer of the Mother-ease style of elasticized, knit cotton terry diapers and diaper covers.
  • Diaper Pail by Alvin Kupperman, Consumer Product Specialist at Productivity, Inc.

Feeding Supplies

  • Bottle by Elizabeth Christie, Managing Director/CEO at Avent America.
  • High Chair by Carol Dingledy, Manager of Corporate Communications at Cosco, Inc., which manufactured its first high chair in 1949.
  • Maternity / Nursing Bra by June Case, Marketing Coordinator at Medela, Inc.
  • Training Cup by Julie Holder, Brand Associate at MAWS.

Nursery Decor

Nursery Furniture

  • Bunk Beds by Will Johnson, Vice President of My Room Children’s Furniture.
  • Crib by Rhonda Geralde, Marketing Manager of Child Craft Industries Inc.
  • Crib Mattress by Dennis W. Schuetz, National Sales Manager for Colgate Mattress Atlanta Corp. with contributions from George D. Krall.
  • Glider Rockerby John Couturier, Marketing Manager at Dutailier Inc.
  • Toddler Beds by Jim Dodge, who lives with his wife Michele and their two teenage daughters in Worthington, MA USA. Jim was Vice President and a partner in The Newborne Company for over ten years. He is presently an independent product design and sales consultant in the juvenile and housewares markets.

Pregnancy Comfort

Safety & Travel

  • Cabinet Latch by Peter Graves, Vice-President of Product Marketing Selfix, Inc.
  • Gate by Sheryl Kaiser, President of KidCo, Inc.
  • Humidifier / Vaporizer by Alan Freidel, President of Juvenile Products Corp. in Miami, Florida.
  • Nursery Monitor by Amy Glosh, Product Line Manager at Evenflo.
  • Thermometer by Debbie Levenson, Vice President of Care & Safety for The First Years, Inc.