Sneak Peek Studios

Sneak Peek Studios

2720 Park St. #207
Jacksonville, FL 32205

Phone: 904-874-2865

3D/4D Ultrasound Studio in Jacksonville, FL

Sneak Peek Studios was created by an ARDMS certified, experienced Obstetric sonographer, who wanted to offer expectant parents a bonding memory in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.Sneak Peek Studios is a place where friends and family can come and share the Miracle of Life. This experience is dedicated solely to bonding with the unborn baby and experiencing them in their world. We help preserve this once in a lifetime moment using a live DVD recording, a CD, and photos.

For one low price get everything!!  Color 3D ultrasound photographs, Black and white ultrasound photographs, a DVD of the entire ultrasound experience, a CD containing every 3D ultrasound image (generally between 10 and 60 individual images), gender determination, a determination of the fetal position at the time of imaging, and other useful information.

We are a mother centered and family friendly environment. This is truly a family affair, therefore our location can facilitate families and friends. When you schedule your3D/4D Ultrasound appointment, please inquire about the specific amount of space for family members and friends. We realize the importance of having family and friends to share this special moment. Please keep in mind we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Our ultrasound imaging rooms have a 32′ Flat screen HDTV for easy client visualization of the baby.